Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the application process and receiving my funds take?
It takes just a few short minutes for a decision to be made on your application. After that it will be dependent on the lender and your bank as to how long until the funds are in your account. With most of our lenders in takes a matter of hours before it hits your bank and you can withdraw it.

Are there limits on how much money I can borrow?

Online loans let you take out anywhere between £100 and £1000. This of course depends on your payday application and financial circumstances.

Why does the APR seem high?

The APR or the Annual Percentage Rate is a typical method of that compares loans over a 12 month period or greater. However, payday loans are set for a single one month period. For this reason, using the APR for comparison can seem misleading.

Below is a table that shows this:

Type of Loan Loan Amt Months Total Repayable APR Interest
Installment £2000 36 £2973.96 16.9% 49%
Installment £2000 60 £3873.40 16.9% 94%
Payday Loan £1000 1 £1240.00 1269.7% 24%


Can you tell me the criteria for eligibility?

Our lenders have different stipulations. Each lender does require each applicant to be at least 18 years of age or older and be employed.

What do you need information about me for?

Our lenders need to know things like whether or not you are employed and can repay the loan. As we only utilise a panel of responsible lenders, they need to know and verify your identification and make sure that your bank account information is correct.

Will you contact any credit reference or credit scoring agents?

Some of our lenders (not all) do use credit reference and your credit score in their process. Should a lender decide that your application is denied, we still try to have your application sent to a different lender that doesn’t use these techniques in order to grant you a greater chance of getting approved with your loan.

If I have a poor credit history, is it ok to still apply?

Since the lenders we use do not base their decision to loan based over a long term period of time (12 or more months), they will be more concerned about your current situation. Most of the lenders are comfortable with lending and working with people who had some bad credit previously.

Can I apply if I don’t have any type of debit card?

Depending on the account, a bank debit card may not be needed. Please contact us to receive more information.

How can I apply?

Simply fill out our simple online form and we will handle everything else.

How long until my funds are available?

If you submit your application before 3pm on a business day (Monday-Friday) our lenders will typically deposit your loan into your bank account on the exact same day. If the application is submitted after 3pm then lenders typically will deposit your loan on the very next business day.

How can I access my money?

All funds will be deposited directly to the bank account in your application.

How can I pay my loan back?

Usually the loan is debited from your bank account the same way it was deposited. Please contact us if you need other arrangements.

I am having trouble paying my loan, what can I do?

Lenders know and understand that a person’s circumstances change from day to day. If this has happened to you, it is important to let the lender know as soon as possible and they can then do what they can to help. Most importantly, try not to borrow money that you aren’t 100 percent sure you can pay for.

I had a bad experience with your company. What should I do?

We always try to do everything in our powers to ensure that you, our customer, receive the best service ever. However, we know that’s not always the case. If you are not ecstatic about our services, contact us and let us know, we also carry a complaints information link on all our pages. We will try to do whatever we can to make it right.