Large or small, our same day loans can bridge the gap...

When you are faced with unexpected bills and repayments that you just weren't prepared for, it is easy to be caught short before payday. Life before the Internet, quick financing and instant payday loans meant that previously this usually would mean going without even though you knew that in a couple of weeks you had an abundance of cash, but if only you could get hold of some of that now...Step forward payday loans, the fast loan that is applied for on the same day it is funded, with minimal paperwork and hassle.

For those found in this annoying predicament short term loans available online can be a life-saver. Not only do these take minutes to apply for, but are funded within one hour and available to those even with a less than perfect credit score.

Previous defaults and a poor credit history do not hinder an application. All that is important is the ability to repay the loan as specified. Perhaps you have a broken down washing machine that needs to be fixed before the kids run out of clothes to wear. The boiler could have packed up and you know that this is going to be a real stretch if you want it to be fixed before you all freeze to death. Car repairs, overdraft charges or a simple weekend away. Whatever reason you need the money, don't let it weigh on your mind the solution is only minutes away.

Has helped me

I needed cash for just small things. My friend was getting married, so needed to travel there, get my dress dry-cleaned and basically not be potless. It worked for me.

- Sarah K.

GOOD but use wisely

It was 2 weeks from my payday and I really wanted this new sound system. Perhaps not the most responsible of things to do, but I had to have it. My music sounds fab now!

- Will H.

Sick of worrying?

We all know what it feels like to be worried sick. It is no understatement to apply this to peoples' finances. If you receive a final demand letter for a bill and it literally says 'if you don't pay this we will take you to court' what are you meant to do other than worry? The juggling act of keeping your finances balanced and everything on an even keel can for some be a full-time job. Pressure at various times during the year other stresses in life can leave you exhausted. Luckily this is not an everyday occurrence and only happens every so often.

Payday loans in the UK are a relatively new concept, although they have taken off in recent years due to the convenient nature and speed in which they can be obtained. Normal loans are tied up in a rigmarole of red tape and appointments. This is not the case with short term cash loans. They are applied for online and funded straight to the customers UK bank account on the same day.

No funny questions will be asked and not a eye lid batted at your chequered financial past. The days of squirming in front of an official with a 'Rejected' stamp are well and truly over.

Fast results!

The beauty of short term loans is the instant nature. You apply online and then are given a decision online. The loan is then wired straight to your UK bank account.

The process encompasses the new era of instant access to everything you need. Not only can you keep up to date with your finances with online banking, so that you know what you have at every second of the day, but now also you can get cash quickly to cover anything unexpected. All from the comfort of your home or desk.

Life nowadays means that more often than not we are all running around chasing our tails as we fight to get out the door and to work, then grab a quick bite to eat as we are snowed under all day. People simply don't have the time to be visiting shops or banks. This is all before it's home time and the home life takes over. Perhaps you have pets or children, or both! This means people need a quick solution when the budget is over-stretched.

However, just because this is fast finance does not mean that you should take out the loan without thinking it through very carefully. Although we do not charge a fee to find you a loan, there will be interest levied by the lender. This interest charge can quickly escalate if the loan is not repaid on time.